About Us

About Us

At Thorawell, we believe nutrition plays an essential role in our thyroid and general health. We also know life is hectic as it is, especially for women, and information overload can be exhausting.

That's why our main goal is to cut through the clutter and make thyroid nutrition simple and straightforward.

Our all-in-one formula, Hyperveda, is a combination of essential vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal thyroid health backed by scientific research.

We're here to support your health journey and overall well-being, one simple step at a time.

Meet the Founder

Hi there! 🌸 I'm Fabi.

After being diagnosed with a thyroid autoimmune condition, I started a journey of understanding the role nutrition played in my thyroid and immune health. 

The debilitating effects of hyperthyroidism and the side effects of medication hit me hard. Not only was I exhausted and feeling “off” all the time, I also saw drastic changes in the way I looked and my self-esteem hit an all-time low. The joint & muscle pain, hair loss, eye bulging...it felt endless. I'd lost all control over my health and felt incredibly defeated.

Things started to finally shift when I began to focus on the things I could control, and nutritional supplementation was a huge part of that. That’s how Hyperveda was born, out of my own health struggles. It was not meant to replace my thyroid medication, but to support my body with the nutrition it was lacking.

It was in my darkest moments that I also learned how powerful it is to have someone in your corner, someone who gets what you're going through. That’s why my ultimate wish is for Thorawell to be a safe space where you can feel heard and understood. Because I need that, too.